Join Our Lender Network

When lenders connect to borrowers through Australian Commercial CPE , they can be confident that we do our due diligence prior to presenting them with complete packages. In many cases, real estate investment loan packages presented have already been funded by our funding partners. We help lenders find funding opportunities that are backed by real property in first lien position. However, ultimately they make the final decision whether or not to fund a deal.
As a Select Lender in the Private Money Exchange Network, You Can:
  • Earn Healthily Returns
  • Choose each deal at your comfort level
  • View pre-screened borrowers
  • Fully understand exactly to whom you are lending
  • Control the parameters of your lending
  • Enjoy the gratification of investing in real people and real opportunities

Review Deals We Package and Underwrite

Each loan package is researched, reviewed, assembled and provided to the lender. Lenders can then review multiple loan opportunities until they identify the one that is within their comfort level.
We understand the four key areas when considering trading offshore. Impact of the Australian dollar, currency risk, payment terms, and financial solutions.
This is why at Australian Commercial Private Equity we can assess your individual return expectations and assess the fee for risk scenarios case by case ensuring that your investor requirements are protected.